It's all about the ratio...

At Just Crumb Cake, we have changed the ratio of crumb to cake - and flipped it! Now, you can enjoy more than 2/3 of crumb on your cake. That's not all, learn what we have done to create the perfect crumb cake.

Mix and match your flavors

Can't decide which crumb cake to try? We have 6 delicious flavors for you to enjoy - Original, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Cookies and Cream, Funfetti, Carrot. Mix and match different flavors when you buy!


Perfectly balanced crumb cake

You won't find any tiny crumbs here. Our cakes have a scientific approach to create a balance of well sized crumbs with texture for a fluffy taste.

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Over 7 years of development to balance this crumb cake

Our crumb cakes are known for their signature crumb toppings and fun flavors. We follow a proprietary 2-step backing process:

  • Using all pure and natural ingredients.
  • Optimizing baking time for consistency.
  • Blending a cake mix with flavor layer.
  • Finishing steps for unique crumb density.