About Just Crumb Cake

"The crumb was our favorite part."

We love crumb cake. For as long as I can remember, I always loved the crumb part most. Many times, my cake would look naked on top because that's the only part I ate.

After owning A Little Cake bakery for 20 years, I partnered with one of our top bakers in the business - Vanessa. Together, we decided to give our customers most of their favorite cake - the crumb.

"Then, we put a twist on it."

Usually, crumb cake has a thin layer of crumb at the top. To enjoy our favorite part, we flipped the ratio - adding 2/3 crumb and 1/3 cake. However, it took several years to find the perfect balance of crumb cake, creating a consistent look and taste. The crumb needed to hold together, not fall apart, but also break just right. Next, we had to make crumbs that weren't too small, but not too large either. Again, we balanced the sizes of each crumb on our cake. Slowly, we worked through different recipes and proportions, finding the perfect balance of ratio, texture and size of crumb.

"It's all about the ratio."

After we worked out the topping, we started on the cake. We started with vanilla, the classic flavor of a crumb cake, making a base that was moist and buttery. That was just the beginning. Since then, we have expanded our line of crumb cakes to include nearly a dozen signature flavors. Once we had our cake flavors and the perfect ratio of crumb, our customers started saying "this is the best crumb cake on the planet!"


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