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Signature Flavors

All of our crumb cake flavors have been carefully perfected over several years to find just the right balance of flavor, crumb and consistency.
**Prices below are for a 4-Pack purchase (serves 10-12 people).

Crumb Cakes

Original Crumb Cake

Our signature moist vanilla cake, with our original crumb topping. Lightly coated with a powdered sugar.

Chocolate Crumb Cake

Rich chocolate cake layered with ganache, and topped with our delicious chocolate chip crumb topping. Topped off with drizzled chocolate.

Red Velvet Crumb Cake

Our mouth watering red velvet cake layered with a cream cheese icing center, is topped with our original crumb topping then drizzled with a cheese icing.

Cookies & Cream Crumb Cake

Our cookies & cream cake, is topped with our cookies and & cream crumb topping (it has broken up cookie pieces in it!! Yum!).

Funfetti Crumb Cake

Our festive funfetti cake, is topped with our funfetti rainbow sprinkled crumb topping. This is a favorite for all sprinkle-lovers at heart.

Carrot Crumb Cake

Our moist and fluffy carrot cake is layered with a cream cheese icing center, and topped with crumb topping that is finished with a cheese icing drizzle.